Mumble Overlay Configuration


If you haven’t installed the Mumble Overlay Plugin yet you must follow these download instructions.

Plugin dependencies

This plugin requires the CLR Host Plugin. To install it follow these instructions.

What is Mumble Overlay Plugin?

The Mumble Overlay Plugin is a plugin that allows you to add the overlay as a source so that viewers seeing your stream can see the overlay as well.

Because of how game capture works, applications like Mumble that contribute to the rendering pipeline of a game through hooking or other mechanisms may not be visible in the final result.

Configuration of the plugin

The configuration and usage of the plugin is very trivial with minimum setup.

You’ll notice there are only a width and a height in the source’s configuration.

Configuration of Mumble

In order to setup the overlay in mumble, a few settings must be changed/verified.

Open mumble preferences by going to Configure→Settings in the menu.

  1. Select the Overlay section on the left-hand side.
  2. Check Advanced so that the Overlay Exceptions tab becomes available.
  3. Check Enable Overlay to enable third-party access to the mumble overlay (our plugin).
  4. Uncheck Show FPS counter because it is distracting and unnecessary.
  5. Select the Add... button and navigate to the OBS.exe that you are using (32bit or 64bit).
  6. Verify that the OBS.exe has been added to the Blacklist of applications to NOT hook
Mumble Blacklist

If you do not correctly setup the blacklist Mumble will agressively hook any and all applications that use DirectX. This will cause any .NET plugins (including the Mumble Overlay Plugin) you are using to potentially act erratically (not respond to user interaction, not repainting, etc.).