Browser Source Plugin

This plugin has been obsoleted!

The temporary location to get the latest CLR Browser Source Plugin is here.

The latest version of the Browser Source Plugin is 1.0-34. It was compiled against version 0.552 Beta of OBS.

There are several flavors so be sure to select the correct download for the version of OBS that you are using.


If you do not understand which version of the plugin to install and where to put it please refer to this plugin installation documentation.


BSP 1.0-34 32bit

Old versions

Source Code

Confirm your platform!

Make *sure* that you download the correct platform and put it in the correct plugin directory. If you are at all unsure check the plugin installation documentation again.


1.0-34 Current Version


  • Bugs

    • Fixed a bug in how mime-types were decided

Previous versions



  • Changes

    • Compiled against the latest released version .552 Beta
    • When used as a global source it should use less GPU/CPU resources if it is not present in the active scene
    • Updated the default asset html template to include UTF-8 encoding indication
    • Updated the default css to remove the default margin
  • Bugs

    • Fixed a bug in UTF8<->UTF16 conversion of asset paths



  • Bugs

    • Fixed a bug when custom css or asset templates were empty



  • Changes

    • Updated to Awesomium 1.7.1
    • Internal preparation for 64bit client
    • Added Javascript Extension framework
    • Added Twitch IRC JS extension
  • Bugs

    • Fixed bug in isConnected for irc
    • Fixed bug where threads weren’t cleaning up properly
    • Fixed bug where webviews when deleted/updated could cause a crash



  • Changes

    • Added all common mimetypes when resolving files with asset loader
    • First support of javascript API binding but disabled at the moment
  • Bugs

    • There was a major flaw in how I handled deconstruction of the BrowserSource.
    • Fixed a double delete of memory.
    • Fixed a major bug in the BrowserManager where it would try to deference event object after it had been deleted
  • Misc

    • Switched to spaces only in the source.



  • Changes

    • Added a CSS editor (similar to the html one0
    • Added a new blank asset for loading only from asset wrapper
    • Added a KeyboardManager for future capabilities
    • Default editor for wrap templates is now scintilla
  • Bugs

    • Fixed a small bug where the custom css wasn’t being saved
    • Some bugs in mime types were fixed as well as several added
    • Moved the datasources into their own file
  • Misc

    • Cleaned up Swf style, cosmetic changes and memleak



  • Changes

    • Asset wrapping now allows you to load types like swf and wrap them in a html template.
    • Added a Swf parser to determine native size of swf assets. (Useful in the future maybe?)
  • Bugs

    • Fix bug in flash where it crashed if it wasn’t ‘navigated off’ before destroying
    • Fixes a small memory leak when creating view



  • Changes

    • Events can now notify on completion
  • Bugs

    • Threading issues and fix to asset loading
    • Fixed some very idiotic problems in the view manager regarding the view list add/remove logic.

1.0-3 Initial public release