Server Ping Plugin

The latest version of the Server Ping Plugin is 1.0-10.

There are several flavors so be sure to select the correct download for the version of OBS that you are using.


If you do not understand which version of the plugin to install and where to put it please refer to this plugin installation documentation.


SPP 1.0-10 32bit

SPP 1.0-10 64bit

Source Code

Confirm your platform!

Make *sure* that you download the correct platform and put it in the correct plugin directory. If you are at all unsure check the plugin installation documentation again.


1.0-10 Current Version

  • Bugs

    • Fixed missing cleanup for a critical section
    • Fixed a leak when getting host names

Previous versions


  • Bugs

    • Texture::SetImage with a nullptr for the initial texture data would cause an invalid memory access


  • Changes

    • Now works with latest .50 release


  • Changes

    • Now builds 32bit and 64bit platforms.

1.0-5 Initial public release

  • Changes

    • Currently pinged line is now highlighted
    • Clear button to reset all information
    • Detailed information showing min/max and server url
    • Ping values are now persisted until closing unless cleared
    • Added a command-line build for releases
    • Added version/build number to plugin
  • Bugs

    • NaN and -0 float values are now handled better
    • The initial values are now blank in the list view